Johnny in the Box

John has slept in this box for the past two weeks! He told me that I could sleep in his bed if I wanted to.

René's Movin' and Groovin'

I love this funky old moving van! Soooo.. If you're planning to move to Saint Fargeau .. René's the man to call:)

Moooove It!

I found these guys in a truck parked in front of a local restaurant. The driver was stopping for a delicious lunch at the L'Opera.


I love love love the checker board woodwork of this building!

Elephant House

This house has a trunk! It's very elephant-like:) Houses are being renovated right and left lately. I'm so happy to see all of the activity!

Blue Door

I don't know who lives behind this pretty door. Maybe I should knock and find out!

Walk Like an Egyptian


What was your first tape? I left behind my record player for Paula Abdul and the Bangles! I remember getting them for Christmas along with a shiny new tape deck!

House for Sale

This little house is on the market! I've always loved it. It's a hop skip and a jump from the bakery too. I could eat croissants all day long!

Wooden Shoes - Les Sabots

Aren't these sabots charming? They make me hummm... ' These shoes are made for walking.. and that's just what they'll dooo.. One of these days these shoes are gonna walk all of you.. boom boom boom boom....'