Tractor Traction

saint fargeau

This wheel belongs to a big ole tractor. I feel like a lilliputian now!

Instrument Fun


I’ve played the flute since the 4th grade but I’ve always dreamed of playing something big and brassy like this !

Pipes galore

These reminded me of Popeye’s corncob pipe. Now I’m craving spinach!

Cobbler Castaways

saint fargeau

These were a cobbler’s best friend. This helped make a nice standard shoe size!

Dainty Pitcher

We're still snooping about at the flea market together! This little pitcher just sparkles:)

Potty Chair

Where's my newspaper? Who wouldn't chuckle when confronted by at potty chair at the flea market!  

Telephone Number?

I barely use my telephone. I tend to use Google Talk or heck an email tends to suffice! Help! I’m not connected to the real world anymore. Geekdom reignsJ

Lipstick Monster

I found this at a little flea – market. You’ll never have to buy another lipstick again. This mega ‘rouge à lèvres’ only cost 5 Euros! Are there any takers out there? ;)

600 Actors.. 60 Horsemen participate in....

Saint Fargeau puts on a delightful historical show! This town is swarming with tourists during the summer because of it. I love the buzz! I'm going to see it (again) tonight!

Apple of My Eye Pottery

Yonne is a region in France which is famous for its pottery! The soil has a red tinge and there is natural clay to be found everywhere. This is from a little pottery exhibit at our ‘Office de Tourisme’. What would you put inside this apple?

Crawfish Heaven

John is brandishing a crawfish! When I first saw these 'mud bugs' in St Fargeau I just about fainted with happiness! I thought,' Am I in Louisiana or France? ' Johnny boy wasn't afraid to pick them up pinchers and all!

Vine Cascade

My shutters are being ambushed by vines! I don’t have the to heart to cut back the tiny, fresh, baby leaves … I might not be able to open the window soon though!

I Can See through Walls

Our ‘Office de Tourisme’ installed panes of glass in between the individual wooden beams. The inside of the building is airy and cheery . The staff is always friendly and ready to answer questions too. It looks like a Roman numeral!

Lotsa Lilypads

This is amphibian paradise. 15 fast frogs hopped away from my camera today! The lilypads were very well behaved. They said cheese like pros!

Chunky Castle

This is the chubby castle of Saint Fargeau. Plan to be gob-smacked by the amount of photos of this castle which will be posted over the next year here at Saint Fargeau Daily Photo!

Rooting out the Problem

I thought that this looked like an octopus. It has a staring eye and too many tentacles. though! This is another shot from  the lovely Lake Bourdon.