Saint Fargeau Castle Shot

Here's another shot of our portly castle!

Pink House

This timbered gem is caddy corner to the Catholic chrurch. It is one of my favorites. The pictures a bit dark..hmmm... I'll have to snap it again tomorrow!

Haunted Barn

This abandoned barn is still stuffed with hay! It's the home for bats now instead of cows:)

Haunted House

I found this abandoned house while taking a little jaunt around the country! This battered shutter is so intriguing.

Pitch a Fit

Here is a pitchfork with a problem. How will he handle it?

Johnny in the Box

John has slept in this box for the past two weeks! He told me that I could sleep in his bed if I wanted to.

René's Movin' and Groovin'

I love this funky old moving van! Soooo.. If you're planning to move to Saint Fargeau .. René's the man to call:)